Patient Testimonials

Michael and Nancy Maloney:
Well it's been a great 20 years of dental care received from Dr Jessica Cantor and her team. If you are looking for a special relationship with a dental office, Dr. Jessica Cantor's practice is an excellent choice. To start, planning a trip to the dentist has the reputation of being a scary thought. I can tell you from personal experience that she has a gentle touch and as close to pain free as I have ever experienced at the dentist.

Billing is a breeze, we belong to an insurance plan that Dr Jessica Cantor’s office can access on line. Her team is very efficient and helpful, never an issue. An appointment is easy to arrange and knowing Dr Jessica, she would probably find time for you if have an dental emergency (guess I shouldn't speak for her but I know she would make every effort).

We visit her hygienists for a cleaning every 6 months and also visit her office when she spots something that should be taken care of. Recently my wife has had a very good experience with teeth whitening. We certainly prefer her process over "off the shelf" teeth whitening products. Dr Jessica's office is well equipped with x-ray equipment and she has upgraded her other dental equipment and techniques over the years.

Of all health professions we regularly see, Dr Jessica Cantor is by far our favourite doctor.
Nepean, ON