COVID-19 Update

Your safety and that of our staff has always been our top priority. Our instruments have always been meticulously sterilized using best practices techniques, and anything that cannot be sterilized is disposable. All surfaces in treatment rooms are disinfected between patients. In addtion to all our existing protocols we have implemented these extra measures:

  • We have installed high efficiency air filtration systems that continuously clean the air, enclosed our treatment rooms, and are leaving extra time between patient appointments.
  • We pre-screen all patients in advance for COVID 19 symptoms and risk factures to ensure our clinic stays COVID free, as well as screening our staff.
  • To minimize the number of people in the clinic, we have set up a virtual waiting room for patients to announce their arrival via  text, and to wait outside the clinic until their treatment room is ready.
  • Our staff is now wearing upgraded PPE in accordance with all published guidelines.